Musings of a Musical Code Monkey


Last Update: 17 July, 2022

I'm Jonny Tsang and I use they pronouns. I live in Cambridge, UK, and you can email me at j dot m dot f dot tsang at cantab dot net.

I'm a Python developer. I also dabble in Java, JavaScript and C++. You can read about my software projects here, and I'm also on GitHub.I'm currently employed as a Senior Data Engineer at Audio Analytic but you won't find much about that here --- check out their site.

I'm the director for codebar Cambridge, a charity that fights the diversity crisis in the tech sector by running free programming workshops for students, at whatever level, from minority or underrepresented backgrounds. We are always hoping to grow this local community, so please get in touch if you are interested in attending (as student or coach) or hosting or sponsoring one of our monthly workshops.

I'm also a musician - amateur, but serious. I'm a singer (primarily classical and Anglican), choral conductor and composer.