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A new website!

by J. M. F. Tsang file under Meta

For a long time I have been meaning to overhaul this blog and move away from WordPress, which I have always found clunky and difficult to maintain. I have moved over to using Pelican, a static site generator that seems to be easy enough to use.

I create pages and posts like this just by writing a Markdown file, and the compiler takes care of the rest for me, with a simple make ssh_upload. Since it's all Markdown, that means I can write in whatever editor I like best (i.e. vim).

It seems to support the usual Markdown features, such as

# code blocks in Python

def example(x):
    print(f'Like this one. Hello {x}')

Support for LaTeX formulae doesn't come out of the box, which is a shame, but there appears to be a plugin for it. In the meantime I am using MathJax. In any case, if all is working fine then the following should display nicely: $$f(x) = \int 3\sin(x^2) \,\mathrm{d}x$$